Purple food

17 Jul

Beetroot pesto "Before"

Working on the basis that intensely coloured natural foodstuffs are incredibly good for you. This week, here at least, was dominated not by phone hacking and hack resignations but by The Colour Purple. Beetroot pesto! Pickled red cabbage! “Yum” as Junior No.2 says. But overdosing does turn your insides somewhat pink purple too… I don’t need to go into details.
Beetroot pesto
Roast the beetroot, slathered in olive oil and covered in foil until they drop off the fork. Blitz with hard cheese, garlic, almonds, salt and pepper. Just like pesto then but very Imperial. This tastes incredible on everything, from pasta to lettuce sandwiches. If you feel yourself turning a funny colour you can freeze what’s left.
Pickled red cabbage
Slice up the red cabbage. Sterilise some jars in the dishwasher. Boil up wine vinegar, balsalmic vinegar and brown sugar. Take it off the heat, stir in a mixture of black peppercorns, cinnamon, star anise, cloves and dried chilli. Pour over the red cabbage in the jars. Keep it in the fridge. Unlike some pickles you don’t have to wait around to eat it. It won’t be there long!

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