Jam Jam Jam Jam

22 Jul

Jam shelf

Jam shelf looking jammed. Today brought 4 jars of blackberry jam made from blackberries we picked at the local park this afternoon – school holidays looking up. No one else picks the blackberries. In fact I get some funny looks for picking the blackberries. Junior No.1 can tell you they make delicious jam. Foraged jam always tastes best.
These days I always start by sterilising the jars. My sterilisation technique is probably perfect! (My jam making by contrast is very variable.) I always boil the clean jars and lids in water for 10 minutes  then transfer to an 80C oven with a pair of tongs to dry. I even sterilise the spoon I use to fill the jars with jam. Nothing else in my house gets the OCD cleaning treatment. But I’ve NEVER had fuzz in my jam, preserves, chutneys, liqueurs…
Little Red Riding Hood will be taking Grandma another golden jar of homemade seville marmalade tomorrow and a jar of blackberry for Grandpa.
Thank you to my lovely neighbour for all the Bonne Maman jars and thank you to my little sis for giving her jars to me instead of the recycling box.

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