Cabbage cushions

21 Oct

Anthropologie napkin cushion

“Cabbage” is the mainstay of my making. It’s the old name given to any little scraps of fabric. I love making patchwork, fuxico, collage fabrics out of these charming but scrappy fragments. Not strictly cabbage, but Anthropologie, ‘never knowingly undercharging’, does yield some wonderful inexpensive treats if you keep an eye on their table linens. This napkin made a perfect cushion. It sits on a big patchwork mostly made from cabbage scraps. I sit on top!

And I’ve finally been making use of all the lovely (free) fabric swatches sent me by the likes of Tinsmiths and Sanderson over the however long. (I did actually buy fabric as it happens so don’t feel too badly for them!) The cushion below is one such, with all those glorious sunny yellows, in my yellow room, with the lovely yellow morning light. See another scrap patchwork quilt behind it.

Fabric samples cushion

There’s mileage in some exchange on inexpensive sources of wonderful fabrics. I’m at Ardingley in a week and a half’s time – they have good linen and vintage fabric there very often. My sister is fetching over more surplus clothes over the weekend. Hoping for more of her jeans to make into kid clothes. Her jersey dresses make great pillowcase frocks for Number 1. Other than that I’m down at Ikea, scouring every fabric sale and trying to make £2.95/m gingham look less like school uniform or LittleHouseonthePrairie! Anyone?

Please leave a comment. Thank you.

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