23 Oct

What is the opposite of minimalist? That’s our house. We are born hoarders. Our parents were hoarders before us. It’s in the nature and it’s in the nurture. We could never buy a kindle, no matter how cheap they make ’em. We love to burrow in books. Our house … you can see who we are, we can see who we are, the kids are shaped by all these books, all this stuff.
Having said all that we’ve just offloaded a pile of MDF and some surplus bins and waterbutts to good homes. Freecycle rules! Ask my neighbour who’s furnished her house c/o freecycle. Must now gird myself to sell some stuff on eBay and drop all those books down the charity.
I do have period fits of decluttering, wandering the house with a bin bag. Everyone scurries before me hiding their precious tat. It makes me feel better.
And it makes room for more stuff. I am so much looking forward to Ardingley antiques next week.

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