What’s good enough for deer

24 Oct

…is good enough for us. We had a little foraging haul in Knole deer park this afternoon. Sweet chestnuts. The kids picked up all the ones they could find off the roadside – figured this was minimising our infringement on deer supper. See our haul.

Sweet: chestnuts

Gnarly Rackham-esque faces in the tree trunks

Lots of roasted chestnut and roasted squash and sage (both from the garden) combinations coming up. Got to get currying with the squash and the bundles of beetroot lurking in the bottom drawer of the fridge. (Aside: did you hear the horrifying research about fridge hygiene this last week, to the effect that toilet seats are cleaner than the salad drawer etc)

Just to prove we saw deer

The deer gave us a good look over.

And that they saw us

Think they are mostly if not all Sika deer at Knole. Very beautiful, very fleet. The kids loved clambering on and inside the fallen tree trunks, picking up nuts and pursuing deer. We even got Number 1 and 2 to hold hands.

Fallen trees at Knole, Sevenoaks

That’s half term off to a cracking start then. I’m exhausted after swimming lesson and deer hunt – the two ought to be in bed by 7.30pm.

What are those things on that tree?

Skyscraper fungus

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