Little angels

30 Nov

Angel with golden dreads

Number 1 off sick from school. It’s been a good day – appreciate No.1 being here all day for a change. We do every jigsaw in the teetering pile on the fridge, eat pizza (thank you Daddy for making dough), and make little angels and fairies for the Christmas tree out of dolly clothes pegs. I’ve been promising the kids this all week and ended up making several more after they got bored and sloped off. Finally found a use for all those scraps of ribbon and lace from old bras that I’ve been hoarding. Forget I said that.  Note the haute couture sea shell hats. The pegs notch satisfyingly firmly straight onto the branches.
And the tree is a live one. If anyone can keep it thriving till next year it’s Pink Mister. (Sorry, name is his: “If you’re Pink Sister who am I, Pink Mister?” Followed closely by “Are you still knitting?”) Feel very Johnny Appleseed. Though it turns out (recent TLS review) he wasn’t all so wholesome.
I love Christmas preparations. Next: Snowflakes on the windows.

Golden angel

Miss Otis fairy sporting limpet shell sunhat

Turbanned floral fairy

Halo angel

2 Responses to “Little angels”

  1. Norko November 30, 2011 at 10:13 pm #

    That’s really good job, well done!
    They are so pretty as well, I would like to make it with Hanna next year xx

  2. Juju December 1, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    Awesome! I know what I should do this weekend! Also, can we pop round? On Sat lunchtime we ll both be dressed as Santa after a run in Battersea Park!?

    Ps.. Pink Mister… Brilliant!

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