60p cauliflower soup

3 Jan

Cauliflowers have a bad overcooked rep but are lovely

60p soup consists of:

2 cauliflowers (which must have been the cheapest thing in Waitrose 2 days since at 29p each, left over from Christmas)
2 onions
5 cloves garlic
veg stock sufficient to cover cauliflower
1/4 cup single cream (leftover from the ice cream Pink Mister made)
1 cup white wine (less the swig the cook took)
thyme from the garden (it’s wet out there)
4 bacon rashers grilled and cut into thin slivers
black pepper

OK not exactly 60p but cheap, especially since everything was already hanging around apart from the cauliflower.
Cook onions and garlic in olive oil; add cauliflower (including the stalk); cover with stock, thyme; don’t cook too long (the cauliflower should not be dissolving here); whizz up with hand blender; stir in cream and wine and bacon.
Makes a big cauldron. Yum. Somehow tastes good with a mug of tea.

Tomorrow…. sorrel soup. Too dark to pick the sorrel out in the greenhouse now. Where do the days go over Christmas.

Cauliflower also great in curry, in the Leon cauliflower gobi and barely steamed then roasted with slivers of cheese, black pepper and paprika on top

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