Windy day soup, or turnips are actually good

5 Jan

Windy Day soup

It is still windy. Listening to the latest on the mess it’s caused on BBC 5 Live. Last night felt like sleeping on board ship in a storm. For us at least it’s turned into a dramatically productive washing day – the turnover on the washing line is impressive. Extra pegs on our pants!
Clearing out the fridge drawer I find 3 parsnips and a soft smallish turnip. This is the soup that results.
The chestnuts we collected at Knole in the Autumn. I think the memory of that lovely day out makes the soup extra good.

Windy Day Soup (when it’s best to stay indoors and when root veg are lingering in your fridge drawer)

1  onion
4 garlic cloves
3 handfuls leftover cabbage
cooked chestnuts from the freezer
kale from the garden
veg stock
3 parsnips
1 small sorry-looking turnip
several handfuls of pearl barley

1. Dice the turnip and parsnips, shake some olive oil across and salt, roast at 180C until golden
2. Fry chopped onions and garlic in a big soup pan then add cabbage, chestnuts and the roasted turnip and parsnips
3. Pour veg stock over until more than covered (you can always add more water to soup but never take it out!)
4. Throw in pearl barley and simmer up to an hour, adding the kale about 20mins before the end
5. Eat lumpy with sourdough bread and lots of butter

The turnip is actually good. The different flavours and textures are really good when you don’t blend. Eat soup lumpy, I say.


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