Water torture

20 Mar

The long break… sorry about that… I started a part time job, big work has been happening on the house, and life overtook Pink Sister. Now back, and with 8 jolly new twirly girlie skirts on my Etsy shop.

New approach on blog illustration: Number 1 draws me a picture. This is a verite representation of our kitchen sink drama:

Dripping tapOld houses, something’s always going kaput. At least it’s only a dripping tap this week. But it is dripping more, and more, and louder, and … it’s getting on my nelly. Had a lengthy discussion with Pink Mister, the upshot of which was… extreme dripping is not conductive to good mental health, neither or us has the least idea how to dismantle our big kitchen tap and replace the washer, a plumber costs £60 and we’re only losing £8 of water a year.

The solution? For now, make an eccentric virtue of it… I have a jug under said tap and when the jug fills up it reminds me to water the pot plants which are just taking off outside the kitchen doors. I have irises coming on the kitchen window sills. They seem pretty happy with the drip drip drip. I’m not just catching the drips I’m using the washing up water on the garden, and catching all the other water that usually runs away while the cold gets cold or hot enough, or when I’m rinsing veg.

Suddenly the drip drip drip is sounding all musical and wholesome to my ears. Little bluebirds are frolicking outside my door, I’m wearing a frilly pinny, flowers are blooming, all is sunny and joyful, I’m whistling a happy tune…. Drip drip drip drip.

On a serious note I’d love a grey water system. Might be a run on those with the looming hosepipe ban. My bucket/jug/water butt will struggle to keep our raspberries happy.

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