Bell ropes

1 Apr

I’ve long wanted to put something up through the narrow soaring stairwell of our house. Our house… it’s a narrow tall chimney. 3 floors. Lots of stairs. High ceilings. Good light at the front in the morning. Good light at the back in the afternoon-evening. The hallway is somewhat dark. I wanted to make a virtue of the height. I was thinking about prayer flags, ribbons, Tricia Guild’s colourful pom-pom frill bell ropes in her stairwell, I’ve tried strings of laboriously hand stitched patchwork pieces, I’ve tried spiralling paper …

I’ve also been thinking lately about the words that get me through. I’ve always collected consoling or uplifting or provoking words from things I’ve read. I write them all down in a clutch of little red slub silk covered books. They help. They always help. But they’re trapped in these little books. I wanted to bring them out and make them part of our house, especially for the children to be immersed in these words I’ve loved. This is the beginning of such a project.

I think of them as bell ropes which romanticises my hallway as a bell tower. But, note this Numbers 1 & 2, they are not for pulling!

The paper is the wonderful security prints from the inside of bill envelopes (which I know some people collect – but I’ve not patient enough to accumulate it), music scores from a clearout of childhood papers, textured papers from unbidden upmarket catalogues, scraps of handmade paper & card saved for no good reason, thick cartridge paper from the reverse of estate agent’s circulars…. lots and lots of places you can find wonderful paper.

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