What to do with old kids’ tights

1 Apr
Rug made from old children's tights

Rug made from old children's tights

Number 1 just shot up several inches making a whole drawer full of tights somewhat indecent. But they were such lovely colours I couldn’t bear to bin them and didn’t somehow think the charity would be interested. And so, ta-dah! The old tights rug. Colourful, non? Was going to put it in Number 1’s room but it adds a lovely splash of colour to our newly restored library instead.

Plaited rug in progress

Making your own: 1. Cut the legs out of the tights, cutting out the toes, thick waistband elastic and the ‘seat’ (Can’t bring myself to write crotch!) 2. Cut the  leg tubes into 4 strips. 3. Sew a few pieces together and plait three different coloured strips. Continue until it’s all plaited in a big ball. 4. Coil the rope – I found it easiest to do this on a large book on my knee – and stitch with strong quilting cotton (this stuff is ideal because it does not snap) 5. Keep going until the rug reaches the size you want. Make sure that you keep the tension easy or you’ll end up with a basket not a rug. This is hardest and most important in the early stages of coiling at the middle of the rug. If you’ve made a plaited rug like this before you’ll find it a little different with the stretchy kids tights fabric. But the fabric is very easy to stitch so the rug comes quite quickly.

Plaited kids tights rug in library doorway

Plaited kids tights rug in library doorway

One Response to “What to do with old kids’ tights”

  1. Not Just A Mummy April 2, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

    fab idea! shame i dont have girls though, i have 2 boys. the colours compliment your decor well 🙂

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