“Stitch and bitch” chez Pink Sister

13 Jun
Pink Sister stitch and bitch #1

Pink Sister stitch and bitch #1

Often stitch whilst drinking coffee and chatting with my friends. Nobody minds (I think). Pink Mister gets the same treatment – he knows I cannot watch subtitled Scandi crime drama without his filling in bits missed when my head nods to pick up the next stitch. So combining socialising and making seems like an obvious one to me. ‘Stitch and bitch’ it’s called – we need more practice on both I reckon but for a first attempt this was really fun. V made bunting and got first use out of her excellent and very pink John Lewis sewing machine. E and I helped – drawing round the pattern, cutting out, ironing… but mostly drinking coffee and munching cake and sorrel soup. You can see what Number 2 was about – took me longer picking up his lego than it did making the bunting. John Lewis machines (the mini ones for £50 or so) are really good – I only graduated to a £200 Janome model last year and the little red JL is now on a shelf waiting for Number 1 to get into making like mommy!

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