Apple core quilt … In progress

5 Jul


Pink Mister: “Why are you doing more knitting? Who is that for?”
He knows it’s quilting. He refers to all sewing, making, cutting up and sewing back together as ‘knitting’. But you see some part of me reckons that some of these quilts might outlast me. So I keep cutting up and stitching back together. Making something out of otherwise useless fabric scraps brings me immense satisfaction too. This one contains, amongst other things, gingham from a skirt I wore as a kid which I have altered for number 1, bits salvaged from kiddie pants, ‘cabbage’ from some dresses I made, pieces from old work shirts, fragments of pillowcases we had when we were children…. I love stitching by hand and the apple cores are turning out to be very pleasurable to fit together. I like organic projects, which I can add to as suitable new fabrics turn up. I’ve not the patience for grands projets.

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