How to make recycled crayons

24 Aug


I was picking up the crayons from all over the floor AGAIN and decided to remove and throw all the tiny ones that are only really good for throwing all over the floor. But I hate to throw anything away and decided to try recycling these into new crayons instead. Turns out to be very easy. NB I only used conventional wax crayons here so no fumes from melting plastics.
1. Get a silicon ice cube or cake mould. (Aside: I have actually retired mine anyway because I am worried about cakes and biscuits being tainted by trace minerals at high temperatures. I hope i am only being neurotic. I am now using greaseproof paper rubbed over with sunflower oil, which works v well.)
2. Peel paper off crayons and cut into tiny pieces to help them melt fast. (I employ child labour for the paper peeling because it is the only lengthy and tough bit of this exercise.) Put matching colours together in the mould or go for a swirly combination of lots of colours.
3. Put into a preheated oven at 250C. Leave for 10mins to melt. You have to keep an eye on them because the smaller the pieces and the hotter your oven… It could be done in 5 mins or so.
4. Cool completely (in the fridge) before popping out of the moulds.
Number 1 and 2 were suitably impressed and said that they were good for doing the sky and the grass fast because they are quite big.


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