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Made our own snowglobes!

7 Dec

This was fun… Some plastic toy figures, a clean jam jar, some glycerine (from the supermarket near all the food colouring), some glitter, tap water, superglue or sugru. We stuck the figures to the jar lid and let them set overnight… We used sugru but you could use superglue. Then put less than a teaspoon of glitter into the jar (the flaky large glitter works best and you can mix colours), add water, a dash of glycerin (it thickens the water and makes the glitter fall more slowly), seal the lid and shake. We topped the water right up to the top so there was next to no air in the jar when it was sealed. You could glue the lid on but we’re living dangerously!
Happy Christmas!

Pink Sister commissions for Christmas

3 Oct

Just completed a special order for pillowcases. If you would like something for Christmas please order as early as possible.Visit the Pink Sister shop on Etsy




That’s Entertainment!

30 Sep


I love this new edition from Compass Box Whisky: The Entertainer. It’s a special edition only available at Selfridges, so move fast to nab all your Christmas presents in one go. The packaging design of all the Compass Box whiskies is a proper delight. Not only do they make you feel more civilised from the inside out they also bring wit and sensibility to your home. John Glaser, the founder of Compass Box, is a true pioneer and craftsman. He hones his blends to create revelatory experiences that make staunch whisky converts of the firmest sceptics. Actually as I type I am deciding to have our friends over for a whisky tasting. We’ll pop the kids into bed and break out the whisky, the cheese, the chocolate, the cigars. That’s Entertainment!

Bye bye Christmas decorations

4 Jan

Just putting away the Christmas decorations. Boo. Hanging a few pictures and slapping around some fresh paint this week for a bit of cheer. Otherwise I wallow in post Christmas let-down. The advent calendar worked really well – only resorted to chocolates a few times, the pockets were mostly full of hair grips, toy cars, rubber ducks, crayons… lots of small things for small people. I always love the preparation for an event most… counting down to Christmas, wrapping presents, setting the table for a party… Definitely adding these to the shop for next Christmas.

Pink Sister Advent Calendar

Dad, this is your late Christmas present

30 Dec

Pink Sister Dad's scarf

Dad, this is your late Christmas present. I hope you like it. It was made with lots of love and lots of wool. We had a really good time at Christmas – thank you for having us all. xxx

PS Then I found this picture of a guerilla knitting installation in the US and your scarf would not look out of place wrapped around one of the trees.

Yarn bombing or guerilla knitting in US park

Snow is falling

14 Dec

So it’s still warm for December. I know this because I can peg out without my coat on. I’ll regret this when there’s an avalanche of the stuff come February but … I wish it would snow a bit. In the meantime, I’m making do with the WordPress snow on my website (thanks again WordPress) and the snowflakes on my windows. All the windows. The kids helped. It cost nothing. Went mad with the Spray Mount to this extent.

Light snowfall, Pink Sister style


Little angels

30 Nov

Angel with golden dreads

Number 1 off sick from school. It’s been a good day – appreciate No.1 being here all day for a change. We do every jigsaw in the teetering pile on the fridge, eat pizza (thank you Daddy for making dough), and make little angels and fairies for the Christmas tree out of dolly clothes pegs. I’ve been promising the kids this all week and ended up making several more after they got bored and sloped off. Finally found a use for all those scraps of ribbon and lace from old bras that I’ve been hoarding. Forget I said that.  Note the haute couture sea shell hats. The pegs notch satisfyingly firmly straight onto the branches.
And the tree is a live one. If anyone can keep it thriving till next year it’s Pink Mister. (Sorry, name is his: “If you’re Pink Sister who am I, Pink Mister?” Followed closely by “Are you still knitting?”) Feel very Johnny Appleseed. Though it turns out (recent TLS review) he wasn’t all so wholesome.
I love Christmas preparations. Next: Snowflakes on the windows.

Golden angel

Miss Otis fairy sporting limpet shell sunhat

Turbanned floral fairy

Halo angel

Lighted windows on dark nights

19 Nov

On these dark nights I love to peer in the lighted windows. Our neighbourhood’s reasonable hunting, but Amsterdam is the city you just have to love for its residents’ apparent disdain for curtains – it’s one great living magazine spread.
At dinner recently we dimmed the lights and brought the guests to a table lit at each placesetting by tea lights inside cut card houses, their windows aglow – my tribute to that particular warm feeling of looking in.