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It’s summer but it’s winter

21 Jul

I know it’s hot. But the autumn winter fashion strand pulled from Game of Thrones’ medievalism is getting my juices going. Roll on nights with the bedroom window shut and more than a thin sheet on the bed. If Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel are anything to go by we’ll be going all manner of textured woollens furs and empress Theodora prints. Chanel are channelling Katherine Hepburn in Lion in Winter with the White Witch herself, Tilda Swinton. It can only work well with the trend for pearls off the back of the coming V&A show.




Why not? You can always paint over it…

5 Jul

Found this whilst trying to chase down an elusive strip cartoon (Falco Falconetti) and the Leake Street Classicist… Instead I arrive at this, new to me, though I was already an admirer of Mssrs Pentreath, Terry and Saumarez-Smith.

Apologies it took me so long… It’s from 2010.

New acquisition: Sagaform blossom tea pot

21 Aug

We bought this cheery Scandi teapot on a wet day over in Ireland last week. If you are ever in the Skibereen area check out The Time Traveller’s Bookshop in Skibereen and The Old Mill Stores on the way to Leap. This last is where we found the teapot. They also have the most extraordinary reconditioned vintage stoves. Wish I could afford one of those to go with my teapot!