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If Eva Green was a dolly

25 Oct

Having a Tim Burton style week. Mostly nocturnal, finding Dark Shadows appealing – was I the only one? Sarah Faber’s work ( c/o Etsy TV) appeals more though I reckon she underestimates the state of mind of Victorian womanhood. But if anyone wanted an Eva Green doll I think Ms Faber should be first point of call.

New acquisition: Sagaform blossom tea pot

21 Aug

We bought this cheery Scandi teapot on a wet day over in Ireland last week. If you are ever in the Skibereen area check out The Time Traveller’s Bookshop in Skibereen and The Old Mill Stores on the way to Leap. This last is where we found the teapot. They also have the most extraordinary reconditioned vintage stoves. Wish I could afford one of those to go with my teapot!

Channelling Ms Bernhardt Autumn Winter 2012

6 Aug

I am glad we are about to have a luxurious Edwardian fashion moment, if you can go by Louis Vuitton, Giles, Marc Jacob et al. I can dig out all my sheepskin stoles, outsize hats and long tailored coats. If this is what fashion reads into a recession I am all for it but I suppose it has more to do with the hoped for profit margins on very large It bags, investment piece coats and leather gloves. Strangely my first reading of the LV ads had me thinking about The Matrix … Don’t you think the dark glasses and paper-doll-chain repetition of that outline somehow reminiscent of the massed ranks of Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith? Agent Bernhardt, peut-etre. My brain must be running on steampunk lines.



Love Winterling

6 Jul


In love with Winterling porcelain this week. How about this mid century number?

e is for elephant, j is for jump

19 Jun

Just doing ‘letters’ with Number 2. Then found this charming mini animation from

The eye in the bacon

13 Dec

St Martin in the Fields East window

Passing St Martin in the Fields Church next to Trafalgar Square the other day. I love the window that was installed as part of the restoration work not too long since. It makes me think of the eye in the bacon. (Remember how bacon rashers always used to have a hard spot of white gristle in them – what has happened to that? I kind of miss it. It used to be one feature of tea at Grandma’s house, along with the fabulous chips and iced sponge cakes. We ate healthily at home.)

As public art goes it beats the Oscar Wilde tomb-like sculpture behind the church into a big hole.  Iranian-born artist Shirazeh Houshiary created this new East window. It’s very clever – disrupts the extreme classical rigidity of that facade and demands I think hard on the obstacle in the flow.

Find the StM-i-the-F website with its cafe, concert programme, and details of its help to London’s homeless here:

The sparkle has not gone

16 Nov

Short note in praise of the humble sink strainer. £1.75 from John Lewis. Saved me many hundreds when its little mesh caught my engagement ring diamond before it spun down the plughole in the  washing up suds. So the sparkle has not gone. And econe will soon be fixing my ring. Just to prove the sparkle has not gone I receive an email asking me to go to Venice in the New Year. Yes, we take Number 1 & 2 with us so it’s not unbridled romance but you still feel a better version of yourself. I can’t wait.

My diamond: smaller than a Venice moon

Flower path

22 Jul

I keep admiring this garden path to a nearby house. It’s this beautiful year after year. I must drop them a card to tell them, like you should always tell people when they look good. It’s a public service to look this good.

Flower path

Love: Jeanne Moreau’s singing

18 Jul

Listening to Jeanne Moreau Le Tourbillon de la Vie I can appreciate what synaesthesia might be like – her voice makes such joyful bubbling forms. A friend is off to Paris soon – supressing the envy with a shot of Jules et Jim. When I grow up I want to be Jeanne Moreau…


21 Jan

A secretaire designed by Suzanne Guiguichon in the Forties. I love it. Imagine writing letters at it.
If you are tempted by 20s 30s 40s style I cannot recommend highly enough. Everything is impeccably restored and owner Phil Varma has an eye for exceptional pieces. As a bonus it’s fun to play with the very stylish house image that serves as navigation on his website. Go on, it’s not really expensive at all and life is short.