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Chestnut glut wishlist

19 Oct


8.9kg chestnuts to play with… Shelling furiously… Will report back on success with the following… Apologies to deer at Knole!

1 Paradiso Seasons chestnut and carrot cannelloni
2 Wild Garlic Denis Cotter cabbage timbale of celeriac & chestnuts with porcini & oyster mushrooms
3 Ripailles Chestnut & mushroom omelette
4 Telegraph Chestnut & Apple soup
5 Chestnut stuffing for turkey – natch

Too cheap cheap

27 Mar


In the St Christopher’s hospice shop Bromley a lovely lady was knitting these little chicks whilst serving at the counter. Not only are they cute they also contain a creme egg. Too cheap at £1!

You can’t possibly eat Santa’s face

6 Dec

Number 2 has just reached a certain state of maturity (age 4) at which this occurs to him…. “I can’t eat the face!” We reply “But it’s just a gingerbread man. You always eat it all up.” But Secondo cannot be persuaded. He has turned on a dime from bloodthirsty thug on a testosterone high into sensitive soul. Waitrose’s seasonally themed gingerbread range are always a source of pleasure in our house. But this is the first time they’ve sparked a philosophical debate.

Incipient addiction to crochet

6 Dec

I’ve always wanted to crochet. I find the textures wonderful. I’ve tried following books and you tube clips but always ended up with a dispiriting knotted mess. Instead of all that rubbish I’m taking a short course at Little Woollie in Shortlands. It’s wonderful. Tips that really helped…. Seeing how to hold the work, making a chain with a hook 1/2 size bigger so it’s easier to then get the proper size hook into, use pale yarn to get started because you can see the stitches better…I can dc and tr and I think I’ve invented a few special stitches too.
I am carrying crochet round and practising on the tube, in the train, waiting outside school, …. I’m going to take a knitting course next and finally learn how to do more than knit one, knit one, …

Cover up at the Royal Academy

4 Jul


Wondrous installation across the front of the Royal Academy. El Anatsui’s work, painstakingly constructed from bottle caps and recycled materials.

Chive pesto

17 Jun

Our chive plant after a haircut….

Added… olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, toasted nuts (I used peanuts), salt, pepper… To make a lot of chive pesto. Tastes good on its own on toasted sourdough or I reckon could be good with barbequed anything..


If Eva Green was a dolly

25 Oct

Having a Tim Burton style week. Mostly nocturnal, finding Dark Shadows appealing – was I the only one? Sarah Faber’s work ( c/o Etsy TV) appeals more though I reckon she underestimates the state of mind of Victorian womanhood. But if anyone wanted an Eva Green doll I think Ms Faber should be first point of call.

Polpo cookbook spineless

13 Jul

Enjoying the Polpo cookbook. Stuck on the blood orange and Campari cake page. We too remember when the CAMPARI sign glowed from the Lido, visible from the Riva even through the wreaths of cigar smoke from Pink Mister as we tipped out of the Danieli bar. Those were the days… Interesting feature of the book is the total lack of spine… It sits entirely flat unlike any other cookbook. Spineless like a Polpo indeed. Thank designers Praline.



Love Winterling

6 Jul


In love with Winterling porcelain this week. How about this mid century number?

No more days at school…

5 Jul


End of the school year, Les Grandes Vacances loom. Number 1 has had the best possible start: She loves school. She loves making and drawing and writing and reading. So I feel there is every likelihood that she will love to learn all the days of her life and that, more than anything, will keep her and give her happiness. Thank you, Teach. The kids expressed their appreciation with pictures showing everything they enjoyed most about this year which we put into a book.