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Lemon and salt makes copper pans all shiny

7 Apr

Simple as that. Use one half of the lemon to make a Sidecar and the other half to scrub your copper pans shiny.
Half a lemon, sprinkle of salt on the grubby pan, scrub scrub, then wash with soapy water and polish with a soft cloth to get the shine up. I use a spot of Brasso to get a really warm gleam on the clean pan before I give it a final wash.

I’m a convert to copper pans after finding a series of heavily discounted ones in TK Maxx recently. Soup starts bubbling seconds after the heat goes on. And they make my kitchen look convincingly foodie!


21 Jan

A secretaire designed by Suzanne Guiguichon in the Forties. I love it. Imagine writing letters at it.
If you are tempted by 20s 30s 40s style I cannot recommend highly enough. Everything is impeccably restored and owner Phil Varma has an eye for exceptional pieces. As a bonus it’s fun to play with the very stylish house image that serves as navigation on his website. Go on, it’s not really expensive at all and life is short.