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Ardingly better than ever

17 Jul


Good day at Ardingly. It didn’t even rain. Definitely worth paying £20 for the first day. Our haul was necessarily small – a) I bought a table on eBay this week and a rocking chair last week b) I had two small children with me. Number 1 was a superstar and scored an unprecedented 9.5 across the board, Number 2 … best to move swiftly on. Vintage wooden cotton reels £1, great vintage French fabrics from £2 for quite generous pieces, beautifully embroidered linens, crisp deco knives. All of these I will use. Number 1 will have some very unusual frocks on the go for Autumn/Winter 2012.





Outing: Ardingly antiques fair

20 Jul

Today's antique linen haul from Ardingley fair

Just back from Ardingley antiques fair down in Sussex. Have to say I’m just a little disappointed. The quality of stuff was a bit low. Just too much junk. Lots of terrific linen though, of a quality and price I’ve not seen for a long time. And if you love French kitchen linens and fabrics then it’s very heaven. I love the workmanship in an embroidered linen tablecloth. I have a big pile but cannot resist. They all get used and admired and lovingly laundered and (eventually) ironed again, so where’s the harm?
Haul today: 3 enormous Irish damask linen tablecloths for £52, 2 charmingly hand embroidered linen tea-table cloths £10 each, one stray damask linen napkin £3, one French linen tea towel shot through with art deco stripes £3, 3 yards of red print cotton fabric £5. Nothing tempted me outside of the linen.
Off to the NEC Antiques fair this weekend – usually an extremely high quality and selection of antiques – will report back.
Incidentally, on talking to the various ‘linen ladies’ I have not only learned a lot more about steam irons but also that there are definitely two types of people – those who do use the beautiful linen towel I have put out for guests (to spoil them) and those who do not, and come wash their hands in the kitchen instead for fear of spoiling something of beauty.