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Barbie… but on my terms

12 Sep

Meet ladylike Barbie. She cost £7 but arrived looking like, well, a bit of a slut. Mattel could so so much better. I made this dress for her so she is presentable. I then put her back in the box and resealed it. Hoping ‘Prima’ won’t know the difference. Can’t do much about her vital statistics though. I have given in to Barbie but feel the change of clothes is meaningful. The reason I have given in is precisely because of the clothes in fact… It was because I made things for our Barbie and Sindy when I was a kid that I taught myself to make at all. And I managed to come away without any freaky body issues. Notes to Mattel… Give the girl some pants, cut her hair properly so it’s not all different lengths, give her some decent clothes that cover her ****…
…Do you think Number 1 will consent to me making some more couture pieces?