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From Elephant knife case to Shakespeare

22 Jul


Scrap fabric project… Elephant knife case to keep my elegant knives picked up at Ardingly antiques this week. It is (I claim) most worthwhile to make cases for cutlery because it keeps it from the air and means that you rarely have to polish silver and plate and stops it getting scratched and mixed up in a heap. Anyway it’s a great pleasure to sew something quick by hand while watching the BBC Henry V. I can live without Henry IV – Falstaff bores me I fear – but the Hollow Crown sequence has opened my eyes to Richard II with a sublime production and perfect casting of Ben Whishaw. The only dud note was the laboured St Sebastian reference. Off to watch more of Tom Hiddleston being manly. And on a final note of mixing home decor and Shakespeare… Have finally caught onto Hark a Vagrant. I challenge thee not to spend all afternoon here.

For the whole Macbeth, and coverage of most significant events in western civilisation… Hark a Vagrant.