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You can’t possibly eat Santa’s face

6 Dec

Number 2 has just reached a certain state of maturity (age 4) at which this occurs to him…. “I can’t eat the face!” We reply “But it’s just a gingerbread man. You always eat it all up.” But Secondo cannot be persuaded. He has turned on a dime from bloodthirsty thug on a testosterone high into sensitive soul. Waitrose’s seasonally themed gingerbread range are always a source of pleasure in our house. But this is the first time they’ve sparked a philosophical debate.

Run run as fast as you can

4 Oct


And so begins an epic quest to perfect the gingerbread man. I am seeking high and low on the cook book shelves in the kitchen, scouring the foodiest food blogs, tracking down the ideal combination of ingredients to make manifest the gingerbread archetype. The platonic can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man must be super gingery, pliable, chewy, not too sweet and not too ascetically unsugary, dark and rich and melt in the mouth.
Alongside I need to nail the technique to render the gingerbread man’s face and buttons.

Experiment 1
Recipe: Hummingbird cookbook
Adjustments made to recipe: Reduced cooking time to 8-9mins with a fan oven and made the biscuits slightly thicker than recommended 4mm. Doubled the quantity of ginger.
Results: 3/10 appearance 6/10 texture 7/10 flavour
Comments: The icing recipe was way too stiff to create any features but was a great glue for smarties. The biccies resembled the much loved Ikea ginger thins with a continental dark sugar quite grown-up taste. Great with coffee. Kids hoovered them.