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Channelling Ms Bernhardt Autumn Winter 2012

6 Aug

I am glad we are about to have a luxurious Edwardian fashion moment, if you can go by Louis Vuitton, Giles, Marc Jacob et al. I can dig out all my sheepskin stoles, outsize hats and long tailored coats. If this is what fashion reads into a recession I am all for it but I suppose it has more to do with the hoped for profit margins on very large It bags, investment piece coats and leather gloves. Strangely my first reading of the LV ads had me thinking about The Matrix … Don’t you think the dark glasses and paper-doll-chain repetition of that outline somehow reminiscent of the massed ranks of Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith? Agent Bernhardt, peut-etre. My brain must be running on steampunk lines.