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Blessings of the season

13 Aug


August means …. The house is full of bright red stems of crocosmia lucifer. This is a perennial that seems to go mad in our garden, gets too big and flops. This year I have thought to bring it inside as cut flowers. Very dramatic. Pics soon. Just cut back the lavender in hopes it will not go rangy next year and popped these in vases too. Heleniums are my next big thing. They look like daisy head rudbeckia type flowers but bigger. Good to have plenty of late summer colour.
Another August treat are deep fried battered courgette flowers. Leave them on their little courgettes so they have a bit more substance… Better to fry, better to eat. Beer batter then fry in sunflower oil. I cannot express how wonderous they are, the crispened delicate flower case yielding to a soft almost liquid inside. Dip some sage leaves in the batter too – a soft new growth sprig of several leaves. These will be a revelation too.