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Snow is falling

14 Dec

So it’s still warm for December. I know this because I can peg out without my coat on. I’ll regret this when there’s an avalanche of the stuff come February but … I wish it would snow a bit. In the meantime, I’m making do with the WordPress snow on my website (thanks again WordPress) and the snowflakes on my windows. All the windows. The kids helped. It cost nothing. Went mad with the Spray Mount to this extent.

Light snowfall, Pink Sister style



Pink Sister shop: Hurrah! 33 items sold to date

2 Dec
In the Pink Sister shop today

In Pink Sister today - click this image to visit

Not a very round number but celebrating anyway: my Pink Sister shop on etsy is well and truly underway. Thank you for the enthusiastic support. I’m hoping for some snow-ins so I get a chance to make some new stock: jersey dresses, T shirts, oilcloth bags, custom quilts for children, vintage fabric skirts, little boy trousers, pea coats… In the meantime, thank you WordPress for the sprinkling snow on my blog – Happy Christmas wonderful WordPress folk!
Visit Pink Sister shop on Etsy  – Keep having a look and let me know what you think: pinksister@live.co.uk