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Blackberry paper

29 Aug


We picked a box of blackberries yesterday in the park. But we still have masses of jam from last year so I decided to try something new… fruit leather.
Basically you pulp the fruit and boil it, add a bit of honey to preserve it and simmer 5 mins and then pour it out on greaseproof paper on a baking sheet and leave in a low oven to dry out for about 6 hours.
The kids love those Yoyos of dried fruit rolled into pinwheels but they are really expensive. Unfortunately as with the vast majority of my homemade efforts they didn’t like the ‘blackberry paper’. They just wore those suspicious expressions and refused to even try it. Hmm. When does school start? For those with more adventurous tastes it is actually pretty good. Its chief virtue is also its greatest failing: the extremely intense hit of blackberryness. I will be adding it to my cereal.

Update: Number 1 has relented and deems the blackberry paper very good and quite suitable for her school snack box!!